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Fanrong NewsDynamic

Jiaxing Fanrong to join the world's top 500 Schneider electricity investment in the construction of new projects

Fanrong Electric AppliancesElectrical

Provincial key nuclear power related companies,
Professional engaged in R & D 、
Electrical products, production of nuclear power project.

Fanrong HousewaresHouse

Professional engaged in R&D, production and ironing board
To provide customers around the world
More comfortable, more fashion, more beautiful
Enjoyment of life

Fanrong Solar EaergySolar Eaergy

Household appliances to the countryside winning products
Major water purifying machine, solar water heater、 Integrated environmental stove、gas ranges、
Sterilize、 range hood、Integrated ceiling


To provide customers around the world "for more Comfortable, more fashion, more beautiful life...


Fan:The lush growth of beings like, The vigorous tendency. Rong:Plant vigorous growth, green appearance. ...
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